Hostel "Brīze" is located in northern suburb of Liepāja, called also as "Laumas" area, on street O. Kalpaka 68/70, not far from center of Liepaja and close to the sea.

Distance to:

city center                                                                 3 km

main Bus/Train station                                             3 km

airport                                                                         10 km

ferry terminal                                                             300 m

central beach                                                             4 km

local beach                                                                 300 m

How to find us.....

--> From main bus/train station, with tram:  

   Go by tram till tram stop T/C "Kurzeme", then cross the street Lielā and walk little bit backwards, to bus stop "Līva", then you must go by public transport bus №10 or №11, or you can take microbuses № 22 or № 23.

--> From main bus/train station by feet: 

   First cross the bridge, than you will see store named "Beta", then turn left and walk straight to end of street Mucenieku , then turn right on street Krūmu and go straight ahead till you manage the crossroads of streets Krūmu and Siļķu, at that point turn left and walk straight to the end of street Siļķu and on the right side of the street you will find hostel "Brīze".

--> From airport Liepāja:

   You can go by bus № 2 to bus stop "Drogas" (next to store "Drogas") Cross the street Lielā to the opossite side, to bus stop "Līva" then you can go with:

  • Bus № 10 to bus stop "Buru iela" then must walk 20 m straight on O.Kalpaka street, then cross the crosswalk to hostel "Brīze".

  • Bus №11 travel to bus stop "Siļķu iela" then walk 5 m to hostel "Brīze".

  • Minibus № 22

  • Minibus № 23


  • Public transport stop is just on the opossite side of the street from the Hostel "Brīze" enterance.


    Public transport prices per tickets:

    • Tram one way costs - 0,70 cents.

    • Bus one way costs – 0,70 cents.

    • Microbus one way costs – 0,70 cents.


    Taxi service to hostel "Brīze":

    • From airport of Liepāja 9 EUR

    • From main Bus/Train station – 6 EUR